Remote Login

Explanation:The links below download a small 'remote terminal' application that opens in a window on your desktop. The terminal communicates using Secure Shell (SSH).

After downloading you are able to login to this server using your user name and password. Obviously, you must have an account to complete the login!
You can e-mail me for an account.
This is not an automated process. I am unlikely to allow just anybody. I remind you what the site is for

Requirements: You must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at least v1.3 plug-in installed and enabled in your browser for these scripts to work. Latest versions (v1.4.2) for all platforms can be downloaded from

Begin download: then follow the instructions.

If you just want to practice this account will let you in:- Login:test Password:letmeinplease works. But doesn't let you do anything.

A better solution: For regular users is to download and install some secure shell (SSH) client software.

'SSH Secure Shell Client' v3.2.9 from SSH.COM provides complete non-commercial SSH client software incorporating both windows and command line utilities. There are versions for both WIN32 and UNIX.

MindTerm from appGATE is a platform independant pure Java application.