Knotweed knowledge

We have a problem! We have been attacked by the dreaded Japanese Knotweed. Alien plant species are an increasing and serious problem. This page is the record of the fight to eradicate this horrific plant from our allotment site. I will be keeping these pages up to date as we make progress in the war against the real WMD - Weeds of Mass Destruction. Oh yes these plants are serious!

Day one - The enemy is discovered Japanese Knot weed, Polygonum Cuspidatum also called Mexican Bamboo.


Japanese Knotweed Alliance Interesting and informative.

Japanese Knotweed Forum Exeter University.

Caledonian Environmental Japanese Knotweed Consultants and Surveyors.

National Trust Advice

Japanese Knotweed Manual (Packard Publishing)

KNOTTYBITS More knotweed botany.

Non-Native Fresh Water Plants good knotweed description.

Iinvasive Species Control Does anybody want to donate $25,000 to the project? (you will have to search (:

An eco crackpot, but interesting.

Positive uses of knotweed from the eco crackpot.

WREFORD Landscape gardeners claiming to eliminate knotweed.

If you have anything constructive to contribute then we will be very happy to hear from you. e-mail me here Money, labor and knowledge are desperately needed.