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My-Name-Is-Irrelevan 41K16-Dec-2013 12:00PNG image data, 200 x 200, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced
ThermalArc_180-220-2 841K21-Dec-2012 10:04PDF document, version 1.6
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gimp_tutorial/ [DIR]23-May-2018 12:02Grokking the GIMP
jadecraft/ [DIR]23-May-2018 12:02Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6 (or how not to write HTML!)
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jaguask_maint.html 2K21-Dec-2012 10:04jaguar apprentice's sketchbook 1953-1959
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jessica.html 1K21-Dec-2012 10:04Jessica first web page
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knotweed.html 3K21-Dec-2012 10:04knotweed knowledge
maint.html 1K21-Dec-2012 10:04Maintenance page
mindterm.jar 1086K21-Dec-2012 10:04Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
missing.html 2K21-Dec-2012 10:04Missing 402
mrtg/ [DIR]23-May-2018 12:02MRTG: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
mt.html 2K21-Dec-2012 10:04Mindterm 3.2 Applet
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