I never started to do anything worth wile I knew how to do before I started!

Have courage. To be encouraged is the great enabler. Encouragement is literally to be given courage. Like discipline, apparently, is learned only from someone who has already developed it. Or more likely been encouraged by someone to develop it. Surprisingly, it does not come easily to some, yet we all have the innate ability. We should try to think of encouragement and play in the same context. Problem solving, pure intellectual challenge is the fifth essential element for successful human development.

For many thousands of years homosapians have created novel, useful and beautifully things. If human intelligence is worth anything in evolutionary terms then obviously (from our continued success) creative problem solving is what human beings were built to do. The magic moment of overcoming a problem, brings with it deep, if somewhat fleeting satisfaction. This is the creative reward. Many seem to confuse pleasure with happiness. Pleasure is the result of the satisfaction of the first four above 'essentials', happiness is derived from accomplishment of the latter! It is almost as if, in the early 21st. century, we are loosing the ability to enable a satisfactory degree of creative ability in the next generation. There is a growing assumption that ability is only in the possession of the illuminati. Those 'clever' ones born with it are capable of something original. This is the elitist view, a product of personality culture.

If I am to to do something that has not been done before then it is a given that I cannot not know in a advance how to do it! Oddly this is not at all obvious to some people, but it is one of the key enabling factors in the achievement of anything worth wile. If you start out with the assumption that you know how to then you will probably be blocked from ever making a proper start.

A seeming paradox then.