This a development web-site. I am Charles Bradshaw, alias Brad. 'bradcan' is as in 'who can do that? Brad Can! This is not my ego trip. To the contrary, I can because I am fortunate!

I'll explain. I remember being given a disassembled pipe vice by my dad. What is a pipe vice? I can still smell the smell of factory which pervaded the copy of the Daily Worker in which the parts were wrapped. Certainly, I did not have the slightest notion of the purpose these vaguely oily, slightly battered lumps of cold steel. But with a very little encouragement I proceeded to assemble them into a complete working tool. To my three and a half year old hands and eyes the thing was just an extremely fascinating toy! We learn through positive re-enforcement, encouragement and play. Here is my vehicle for playing and learning about networking, the internet and the web.

The pages will develop over time to satisfy the requirements of the developers. These are myself, my family (children & grandchildren), friends and associates. (links here home).

Please remember that site is a development and test vehicle. There is much unfinished and therefor baffling content. Don't be surprised if links don't work. If you receive a request for a password and you don't know one then you can go no further. There are facilities like server access tools so naturally they are protected.

If you want some help with a Linux web installation, or if there is something here you would like to know how to do, or you want to know how to do something that I might also be interested in, then you can e-mail me REMOVED. Spambots BEWARE. and I will respond in a day or two. It is, however, not my intension to become a Linux mailing list, there are hundreds of those out there, but if I can give you some pointers I will. I cannot engage in providing detailed installation instructions, but I probably know where to look to find answers if you are prepared to do the work.

If you want to offer me some work (: you can get an HTML version of my CV here. Or download a Rich Text Format version