A Hacker, contrary to media hype, is just a (relatively) harmless person with lots of computer savvy. A 'hack' is simply a clever solution to a difficult problem. A good hack should show elegance or at least an originality of thought to qualify. Least ways most hackers would like to think of hacking this way. Another point of view, possibly of English origin, is that a hack is a solution of the 'I know its flawed, but I couldn't think of anything better' variety. Anyway, for a full frontal view of hacking start here: Eric Raymond's home page. The hacker is actually a very interesting phenomenon.

For anybody who doesn't know a person who breaks into other peoples computers is a CRACKER not a hacker. Again contrary to the Hollywood image of a hip savvy hero anorak a Cracker is a sad, sad, lonely person with nothing more interesting to do than try to steal the un-stealable. If you aspire to cracking then you came to the wrong site. So politely GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.